1 November 2015

Style Your Watch ! :)

Hey I'm back ! Ehehe, tetiba je. Since I have nothing much to do, tunggu masuk sem 2 la ni kan.. So today I would like to share something. Nothing much but hopefully it is a nice share. Well, I don't know how it will looks like, but I'll try my best to write it! It a MUST read okay ! Huhu ;)


Watch. One of the things that is a must to wear. By certain people, actually. As for me also, I like to wear watch and sometimes I would feel like it is an incomplete day, not wearing my watch whenever I'm out. Nowadays, watch isn't a thing that only tell us the time but also it acts as a fashion statement to portray a hint of your true character. For the ladies who want to spice up their fashion appearance, play a few tricks based on the design of your watch and impress others around you. Haaa, don't think only women are fashionista but the men also could be fashionista too with their watch as fashion accessories.

 Well, people nowadays really really likes fashion and watch is one of the accessories that could make their appearance more stylish, more amazing and impress the people around. Ahaa, no need to google around to find the watch that could perfect you, 'cause just with one click, you will have so much choices of watches you can choose. Don't believe it? Check out these three watch style suggestion and see how it works with your true personality. So, how to style your watch? Here, let me tell you these okay?

1. Match it with your necklace or earrings

The ladies especially, they likes to wear jewelleries such as necklace, earrings and bracelets. Nah, you've that to make your appearance but that's not enough. Hmm, you need watch, the perfect watch that match up the design along with your jewelleries. Match it well the colour or design of your watch for the perfect fashion touch.You've to be smart to match your watch together with the jewelleries your are wearing.  If you could match them perfectly, trust me, all the people's eyes will be on you. Hmm, looks like I'm lying eh? Haha, well get a try first ! :)

2. Accessorize the wrist

Plain wrist? Oh no, that's not fashionista.. Haha. Wear something on your wrist to be more stylish. Maybe you could wear multi-stack bracelets plus with your the most stylo watch. Perfect ! It will perfect you very well ! But don't forget to make a good match between the bracelets and watch, okay? By wearing additional accessories on your wrist matching with your watch, believe me, you will look more feminine (for woman only ya! XD ) and the most da boomm fashionista ! 

3. Enhance the watch itself

For the ladies who want to enhance the beauty of your watch especially stainless steel pieces, make the watch the center of focus by wearing a short sleeve top or rolled up sleeves. You can wear a minimal outfit to help make the watch you are wearing stand out more with ease. Ahaa, but an advice for you, avoid crowded print tops or ruffles in order to keep the watch the main focus. Okay? 

That's all from me. As you can see from the photo there, it's so lovely and nice to see right? Well, you can try these whenever you go, whenever you go out with someone, maybe? Someone.... special ? Heee, okay that doesn't matter. Try these and you'll find that you are the most stylish and most fashionista in the world ! Nah, sounds like I'm lying again huh? 'Cause sound like, urghh, you're too over. Haha. Okayy, hope you will have the most stylish figure matching with your watch ! Oh ya, don't forget to click this, watch style suggestion . Have a good day and stay fashionista ! ^_^

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