23 January 2019


Hai semua... I'm back to join a giveaway hihi. Jom join ramai-ramai πŸ˜„

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22 JANUARI 2019 - 22 FEBRUARI 2019

Jom join ga ni! Hadiah menarik menanti! πŸ’–
Good luck!

31 December 2018

Unboxing T-Planner 2019 First Edition Made by Teme Abdullah

Hai semua! I'm here again but yeah, luckily its not about BTOB hahaha might be someone who's non-kpop fans may be annoyed if I post about that again lol. Okay la, so hari ni topik lain pulak hehe. Jadinya, sempena masuk tahun baru 2019 ni, entri kali ni aku nak share pasal T-Planner (First Edition) by Teme Abdullah. Actually dah lama jugak dapat tapi sekarang baru nak update kat blog hehe. I don't even tag teme yet at socmed haha.

So, for your information, T-Planner ni dibuat exclusively by Teme Abdullah which I bet most of you guys know him la. Most of all the designs and everything adalah dibuat oleh Teme sendiri. That's why kalau nanti korang tengok planner ni semua akan nampak yang planner ni betul-betul dilakar, dilukis, ditulis, oleh Teme sendiri. Alright, so let's get to the pictures terus la.

The planner came in with a box. Really nice tho.

Here you are! The front cover of T-Planner in the box. Clearly written, 'First Edition T-Planner 2019 Limited'.

Why is it said that limited? Sebabnya untuk beli T-Planner ni hanya semasa PRE-ORDER SAHAJA dan ada limited kuantiti. So like, siapa cepat dia dapat. Planner ni takkan dijual lagi kat mana-mana dan kalau nak beli, kena tunggu next edition which around at the end of year 2019 untuk dapatkan planner second edition 2020.

Without the box. Oh yeah by the way, planner ni HARD COVER tau. So yeah of course its a bit mahal la. But nice la.

Opening. What a nice logo is that right? That one star up there, represent the FIRST EDITION.

Tadaaa! Haa, daripada 11,111 planner yang dibeli, aku orang yang ke 6101. I think I pre-ordered it at the second day. And you know what, at the third the pre-order already closed because its already reached the quota. And one more, that sign is truly signed by Teme, not a printing. Tak percaya boleh tengok la IG dia hehe.

Sneak peek inside the planner.

Plan what you want to plan.

Financial tracker.

The end. Back cover of T-Planner.

So, that's it! Hopefully this new year 2019 gonna be a wonderful year and will be much better than 2018. Hopefully we will achieve what we planned and targeted in 2019. And that's why we need a planner to plan our life better. (honestly I didn't use much but I did write when I feel I want hahaha. But I really use it before).

Oh and also, what is my plan or goal for this year? Definitely to achieve good result in FINAL EXAM (which is very soon...) and ready for my practical soon in half of the year 2019. But one of the IMPORTANT GOAL is,

TO COLLECT AND SAVE MONEY FOR OUR TRIP WITH MY #TRAINTOBTOB TEAM TO KOREA TO  MEET OUR BOYS BTOB IN 2023 (which is that year might be all the 7 members are there before hyunsik enlist)

Hahahaha lol our dream is very high πŸ˜‚ But I truly hope we can achieve that. i really want to meet them again πŸ’™

That's all from me. Thank you for reading! 

'Planning is a way of success.'

Image result for happy new year 2019
Happy New Year 2019 ! (in advance one day hahaha)

30 December 2018

Yook Sung Jae Keep Saying 'Lekluu' during BTOB In Malaysia 2018

Hello guys, I'm back here! Like I said in previous entry, I'm gonna share my experience about going to my first fanmeeting with my favourite Korean idol group, BTOB. Although its already been two weeks passed actually hahaha but I'm going to post it too anyway. I just got some time to write this entry. I don't even where to start first though because I think there's too much things that I feel I want to share huhu.

So, let's start with when I first came to the MITEC, the venue where the fanmeet was held. Oh wait, let me tell you the details again.

Event: BTOB In Malaysia 2018 (Fanmeeting)
Date: 16th December 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 5 pm
Venue: MySpace Ballroom, MITEC Level 3

Ah, one more. I just want to show you guys the picture of them arriving at KLIA hehe. I was there too, waiting and welcoming them at the airport. I was truly excited haha since its really my first time doing this kind of thing hahahaha. They waved back at us, and they looked freaking handsome! We got to see them quite closely jugak la even the guards/polices keep pushing us away from them lol πŸ˜‚

Hyunsik and Sungjae (my two lovely bias)
Minhyuk and Peniel
These are my #TeamAirport for welcoming BTOB to Malaysia. There were also other melodies but we just met there at airport. 

I want to share the video actually, but hmm its okay. I will share with you later the video (you can also find it youtube/twitter). So next, we go to the queuing part. Before que, of course we got to collect freebies first hahaha. Here are the freebies that I got to collect during the fanmeet.

These are all freebies that I got. That fan, we got from organizer, which means it is included in the ticket price. Oh and aside from freebies, some of them I got because I donated for btob event made by the malaysia fanbase like cupsleeve event.

One of my fav photo card πŸ’™
I collected the tix on venue so that's where we collect the tix. with BTOB at the behind hihi.

That was the banner which was planned to be raised during beautiful pain song. And the ticket. My que number was 258 which actually quite far already but not too far. The highest que number I think its around 900-1000. So many melodies came, really. Since this is the last oversea show before changsub and minhyuk get enlist to military next year.

Typical concert photo maybe? Hahaha its really my first time.

This is the list of fans who got the Official Photo (OP) with BTOB. And guess what! I got it wuhuuu! I didn't expect anything but alhamdulillah, I got it. Later I will share the story.

My first love who bring me to BTOB and melody family. Without him, I won't even know BTOB hahaha.

Currently my ultimate bias other than sungjae. He kills me with his killer smile and eyes. Totally fall in love with him πŸ’™

This kind of queuing according our que number. Luckily the organizer changed from free standing to free seating, kalau tak aku yang pendek confirm tak nampak hahaha. The centre part which the best one like of course la all the melodies had occupied it first so we just pick the rest yang okay la.

These were my btob team. So called #TrainToBTOB team hahaha. We were the freebies hunter 😎
My crazy #TrainToBTOB team πŸ’™ I got new friends through this team. Though we just know through whatsapp and just met them for the first time at the fanmeet day, but we got along together well. I'm glad we are. ( and we still have the group chat and it is so active πŸ˜‚)

Alright so done queuing. Oh ya, actually we did have a bag checking before we enter the ballroom just to make we don't bring any prohibited things. Then after we got our seat, the first starter to this event is the VCR. Like an introduction video to this btob event.

This one.

After the VCR is done playing, the fans/melodies screaming loudly excited as the BTOB came out on stage and ready to sing the first song, Missing You (2017). This song is very famous and being one of the most people's favourite song. Its kind of a ballad song which gives healing to people's heart who listen to it. One of the reasons why I love their songs because it has soothing and healing vibes, the music also is not really like the trending song that is quite loud. I love all their various kind of music they produced πŸ’™

Okay then, after the Missing You was over, BTOB said their greeting to melodies and introduced themselves one by one. It was really exciting moments to get to see them in real, listened to their live singing and their live greetings. Oh and for your information, Peniel is actually from Chicago so yeah he's good enough to speak English. But actually when the members talked in korea, most of us can catch up what they said hahaha and they quite surprised that we looks like understand what they said lol. Hello, we can understand a bit la hahaha, because like me I always watch kdrama and btob's videos so I also understand a little.

By the way, to be easy these are the list of songs that they sang during the fanmeet:

1. Missing You  (2017)
2. Friend  (2018)
3. Only One For Me  (2018)
4. Its Okay  (2015)
5. Please/Climax  (2018)
6. Movie  (2017)
7. Blowing Up  (2017)
8. Beautiful Pain  (2018)
9. Finale: Our Concert  (2017)

And I'm truly glad that they really sing Please/Climax song that I really hope to be listen to lively. So Please song is really being sing by them live for the first time to melodies thats why I had that hope since its never been sing lively yet. I'm glad that I went to the fanmeet. I hope they would sing Someday too but they don't huhuhu. One of my fav song too.

After introduction has done, the BTOB continued the event by singing Friend and Only One For Me songs. Its totally good to hear their live singing. Only that the music was quite loud that the BTOB had to pull off their earphones. But anyway our fanchant was louder too kekekeke πŸ˜†

BTOB on stage. From left: Minhyuk, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon, Sungjae, Changsub.

Next, after the performance they introduced the MC for the night which was Hani from Erafm. She was good in emceeing the event smoothly (in english of course la and I guess they can understand a bit what she say although sometimes they would ask the translator or peniel to translate it. But mostly sungjae was the one who asked I think lol hahaha). She also taught them some Malay words. Hahaha I love this part because they looked so cute talking in malay πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Some of the malays words they learnt, in very cute style:

1. Saya saaaaaayang awak (I love you)
2. Saya lapar gila! (I'm too hungry)
3. Cepat sikit! (Faster)
4. Lek lu! (Calm down)  - their favourite word πŸ˜‚
5. Ah stress!

Actually these words were not being taught just at one time only. Its being taught throughout the event. I don't remember if there's any other words they learnt. And actually like "cepat sikit" and "ah stress" words, these were asked by Sungjae to Hani during the game session. Sungjae was REALLY HYPER throughout the fanmeet hahaha seriously I love him. πŸ’™πŸ’™ He is truly the moodmaker. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ (can watch in the video later that I give)

So after the MC Hani has been introduced, its the game session. About the game session, we have "Melody's Wish" and "Guess 1 Second Song". Firstly, its 'Melody Wish' game session. So for this game, actually its not a game la. It was where the BTOB members granted the melodies' wishes from the notes they leave on board that the organizer prepared before fanmeet started. So the members chose one from the notes and granted the wishes. I regretted it sooooo much ahh why I didn't write back then 😭

And I still remembered that Peniel asked us if there was any melody who didn't wrote the wishes, which is that included me hahaha. Then he like, "ah why you didn't write on the board? why? why? Okayy, good jobbb" saying sarcastically to melodies who didn't wrote the wishes. Hahaha lol I love peniel πŸ’™

Its gonna be a long story only for this session haha. Anyway I'm gonna make it short as I can. So, Ilhoon go first. Ilhoon chose melody's wish to do a dance battle between changsub and sungjae. Well, changsub win though I think sungjae's dance much better hahaha. Next is sungjae. So sungjae chose melody's wish to sing Hypnotized song (his duet song with Peniel) but then he himself forget the lyrics though πŸ˜‚ Then, peniel's chosen wish was the melody's wish to sing with BTOB. And he called her up to the stage, oh so lucky she is!

Minhyuk chose the melody's wish to say saranghae to her, also in malay which is, "airiel (I think so this is her name idk) saya cinta padamu". So lovely πŸ’™ Then hyunsik, he chose melody's wish to hear him singing to Frank Sinatra song, Moon Dance I think. His voice truly good I like it πŸ‘πŸ™† As for changsub, he chose melody's wish to hear sungjae singing to chomp chomp song (that's how I heard changsub pronounced it hahaha). Actually its the song that recently Sungjae did a collaboration with Jung Key (famous composer in Korea), entitled Stay With Me.

After the Melody's Wish session, there was a lucky draw of the que number which the members picked and then they said them in such a unique way which is singing hahaha so cute! Then after that, they sang us song that have healing vibes and lyrics. It was 'Its Okay' and also 'Please' songs. The songs that I'd been waiting to be listen lively from BTOB 😍

Alright in the next session, we had the "Guess 1 Second Song" game. That's when we said that BTOB didn't know their songs because Hani asked us, "Do you think BTOB know their songs?". We said "Nooooo!!" Hahaha Then hyunsik and ilhoon said, we made them. Hahaha lol. So yeah, we played guess game, too long story to tell. Later watch the video maybe? But seriously, its truly fun because we have that BTOB and Melody interaction. πŸ’™πŸ’™

After the game ended, they sang us the next songs which were Movie and Blowing Up. These songs really one of my fav because it has hype and party vibes hahahaha.

Then, it came to the saddest moment because its almost to the end of the event. BTOB said their farewell wishes/greetings to the melodies. Ilhoon said that they feel bad that they didn't come to Malaysia often and also they didn't come with Eunkwang (because he is in military right now). But Ilhoon said that BTOB is forever and asked us to wait until they are 7 members again. And they will come back to Malaysia with 7 members. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Sungjae also said that they feel bad to come to Malaysia without eunkwang. Then he also asked us what is the famous food in Malaysia. Well, of course there's a lot of melodies saying lots of foods that he can't even hear anything hahaha. Then he just, "Ah okay okay, its okay. I search myself." Haha he gave up on our opinions because he can't barely hear anything πŸ˜‚

So, here come to end. They ended their wishes and the fanmeet with their recent song from Hour Moment album which is Beautiful Pain. We, the melodies, can really relate the songs to the fanmeet as the fanmeet was really a beautiful moment where we can meet BTOB closely and listen to their live performance, but it was yet painful as the time flies so fast, and we don't even know when we will see BTOB again.

After they ended the fanmeet with beautiful pain song and went off the stage, the melodies together asked for an encore. We also sang to the Someday song, whereby this is kind of the moment that you would get tear up. 😒

Then suddenly Peniel say thank you after we finished singing Someday and asked us, "Do you want an encore?" Well, definitely we said yes hihi πŸ˜†

So they gave us the encore where they came out back to the stage with roses on their hand and singing to the very last song, which was the Finale: Our Concert song. It was the happiest and saddest moments as we had to let them go.

After the last song, we had the 'Goodbye' session where we can say our goodbye to the BTOB closely (well its NOT REALLY CLOSE actually). They stand in front of the stage and waved us. They seemed tired, I know but they keep smiling and waving for us. I didn't even remember well what I see hahaha because it was REALLY FAST like only 2-3 seconds passed them (the organizer asked us to just walk faster saying goodbye which is of course most of us quite protest because it was too fast to say goodbye.)

I even said see you again someday but I didn't know if they heard what I said though lol. I think I remembered Ilhoon look at me holding the banner (hahaha well I'm not sure if he is REALLY look at me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but I know that he looked either me or anyone around me). I don't even remember if I got to look at Sungjae and Hyunsik because it was too fast, I just remembered that all of them waving just that 😭

Alright. So there is a present for me though, which is I would never expect to get since usually I don't get lucky to most of anything related to lucky draw. Yeah, it was the OP session that I got. I was really thankful and happy to get the OP session with BTOB. Although again yeah, it was REALLY FAST that we didn't get to say goodbye properly to them. The OP session got 4 trip so like 10 melodies per photo and I'm the last team up the stage.

I wanted to show the banner that has saying "All the Moments Together with 7TOB are Beautiful", but it didn't get picked (we took like 3 shots of the photo I think). And plus, it was really sad because I got to sit at the last chair (I mean belah hujungggg) with no one behind meeee so saddd 😭

Plus to that, I didn't get to see minhyuk, ilhoon, changsub and sungjaeeee really close because they were at the other end, so sad! I just got not really close but boleh la, to peniel and hyunsik (luckily hyunsik dekat walaupun tak la dekat sangat) as they were at the same side as me. And I think I just remembered peniel saying bye bye to us, I didn't remembered about hyunsik well since the guard keep asking us to go down faster and he almost close my view to hyunsik. Aahhhhh whyyy πŸ˜­πŸ˜©πŸ˜”

Just know that they all waving to us the last team and I just remembered sungjae turn his body to my side, just like... looking, just like that. It was too fast that I can't even make any real eye contact with them 😒

But yeah. We just think positively. They might actually had to rush, photo with the organizer team, getting their outfits changed, backstage farewell cake event for changsub and minhyuk (prepared by the Msia fanbase, B7OBMY), and also rushed to the airport for their flight that night. But anyway, its truly such a beautiful moment that I will cherished for the rest of my life.

So here you are! This is the Official Photo with my BTOB πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’™ Really glad and happy I have this photo to be keep as memory with BTOB πŸ’™(and see, I'm truly like at the end of the world 😭)

Here some of close up pictures of each members.

Then, here goes to the time for us to send our boys off at the airport. Sad to send them off, but they had really gave us special gift by having this fanmeeting with melodies in Malaysia and from others countries as well. It was truly a beautiful moment that we get by spending our time with BTOB, but yet painful as it feels like a short time, also Minhyuk and Changsub will be enlist to the military soon in January and February 2019. Surely we gonna miss you all boys! πŸ’™

Here also some of the photos sending them off at the airport (I'm not there but kind of regret I didn't went there that time huhu).

That's all from me. Thank you for reading such a long story hahaha. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy reading and if there's non fans of kpop or non melody here, I hope you will be a Melody soon! Hahahaha. Oh and here the video that you can watch for BTOB In Malaysia 2018 (Can go to this link to watch better since the video below is small hehe). VIDEO 1 / VIDEO 2

Thank you! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

"Every moment of Melodies with BTOB is beautiful. BTOB is forever, and we will wait until BTOB are OT7 again."


(Photos credit to: B7OBMY, WE Entertainment, and all twitter's owner of those photos as tagged. Videos credit to the owner.)