15 October 2020

PENTAGON Comeback: 데이지 (Daisy) 🌼

Hi hi I'm back! I know its been awhile... hahahaha. Okay anyway this time I have special title/topic which is, its PENTAGON COMEBACK! But before that, let me briefly introduce first who is Pentagon (since I think I never mention/talk bout them here beside btob). I'm sorry its about kpop but... whatever its my blog hehe. So, let's go!



Pentagon is a South Korean boy group idol which had debuted in 2016. They were managed under Cube Entertainment, same as BTOB. So they are like brothers. hehe. They consist of 9 people (10 at first) which is Jinho (currently in military service), Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, YeoOne, Yanan, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok. I will tell who is who later. Their fandom is called Universe πŸ’«, and I'm also a part of it! Hehehe.

That's so the briefly one. So recently, on 12 October 2020, they just made a comeback after their last comeback in Feb, Dr Bebe, and their participation in Road To Kingdom (RTK) (kinda like competition aka survival show). 

For this comeback, they came out with a mini album called WE:TH which means WE (Pentagon) wiTH Universe. It comes with 6 tracks and all tracks were participated by the members. This just proved they are self-produced idols 😎 (they sing live okay! no lipsync, please don't say korean singer can't sing, they are just like msian singers too. they have talent & great voice, as well as composing songs!)

Their concept image is so pretty 😭

Oh, its flowery concept actually (which is why it is called Daisy) but you can see that through individual concept image, where everyone is holding different flowers. Wait, I will put it here too.

[Upper left: Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, YeoOne]
[Bottom left: Yanan, Yuto, Kino, Wooseok]

Here! They all holding different kinds of flowers which symbolizes various emotions. Something like that. My bias is Jinho but he isn't here,, so Hongseok is! hehe.

Here's another concept image! πŸ”₯

Okay stop it, I didn't come here to promote their concept image hahaha. I want you guys to know their amazing songs!

Okay before I tell you the songs, here the album cover which was drawn by KINO himself! Pretty, right?!

This is their tracklist! Well, I will tell since maybe you can't see it since the writing a bit small maybe.


1. Daisy 🌼 (Title track)
2. Beautiful Goodbye
3. Nostalgia / That Year That Month That Day
4. You Like
5. Paradise
6. I'm Here (CD only - Jinho solo)

They participated in all songs production, they composed and write lyrics too!

I have listened to all (ok not all since the last track can only listen on cd huhu) and not gonna lie, I love them all! Especially DAISY 🌼 of course! It's such a sad heartbreaking song πŸ’” Some people said it has vibe like 2nd generation kpop like Beast and Bigbang (well, I don't know.. maybe). Anyway, I really love it and it also has catchy phrase the moment you listen to it! The music video is also amazing! And painful... 😭 Oh they also have #Daisy_Challenge on TIKTOK! You guys can join too if you want hehe.

And another b-side track I love the most maybe Nostalgia. Because it has kinda ballad and relax vibe so I like that. And also! For You Like, believe or not, listen to the opening of the song, you wouldn't thought that song was that kind of song! Hahahahaha! It was like, you enter a cozy room but then suddenly someone cough and it turns the whole room into a rock concert 🎸! Hahahaha can you imagine that??

So, if you guys have a little even a little interest to listen to their songs, do check it out! You guys can search for pentagon daisy. To listen, you can click on Spotify here! Itunes also have!


(you can turn on the caption to see the subs of the lyrics)

And I just included this here, some quotes from the mv.

Love burns everything, even myself, and fades away like a smoke when I look back.
Left here with pain and resentment, all I can do is muttering the lie that I hope for your tragedy.

If emotions were light, the pain of tearing each other apart would be a chaos of colors.
But when those colors come together, they shine brighter and brighter until they become a single white ray of light.
Emotions are petals, each with a different shade.


Thank you for reading and hope you give interest on them! (or at least watch the mv heheπŸ˜‰).
Till we meet again! πŸ’–

7 August 2020

Homestay Review: SmartHouse di I-City, Shah Alam

Salam, dan hai. ^^

Okay, hari ni aku nak review satu homestay yang aku duduk haritu masa hangout/reunion dengan kawan-kawan aku. Bulan lepas aku pergi hehe tapi tu la baru update harini hihi. Hmm... aku tak tahu nak kata homestay or hotel sebab dia macam residence house cuma tak la besar sangat macam the real apartment tu. Muat la 4 orang, walaupun aku haritu memuatkan sampai 7 orang satu rumah! πŸ˜‚

Well, that's really unplanned actually. Memang sepatutnya 4 orang tapi tiba-tiba bertambah pulak yang nak tumpang berteduh sekali hahaha.

Anyway, let's get to the point!

Homestay: SmartHouse powered by Google (i-Soho residence)

Venue: I-City, Shah Alam

Price: RM75/1 night (murah kan?! wait but thats exclude the additional charges actually lol so => RM115)

But still, I think that's considered okay la kan. Murah jugak tu, haritu satu malam aku duduk 7 orang so seorang bayar RM16 je. Nice ah kan. Oh and that, aku booked daripada Agoda. And I'm not sure if the price change ikut holiday or peak time or anything. Okay, itu pengenalan. Then mesti la nak tahu rupa homestay tu kan, so let's go!

Ini ruang tamu. Tak la besar mana tapi muat la nak duduk ramai-ramai.(abaikan segala beg dalam gambar ni dan gambar seterusnya ye hehe)

Tapi nice la. TV ni takde siaran live tv or idk what its called. Maksud aku, like freeview tu kan. Tv ni ada netflix, youtube, and.....something else which aku tak ingat sangat nama tu sebab aku kurang familiar. So dua tu jela aku ingat hahaha. But banyak lagi benda lain la. So, boleh la nak tengok segala movie ke drama kat netflix, or nak tengok youtube ke, or anything kat other platform yang aku tak ingat nama apa tu. Haritu kitaorang tak tengok sangat sebab banyak sangat cerita kan sampai tak tahu nak tengok cerita apa πŸ˜‚

Plus disebabkan time tu kitaorang balik homestay tu agak lewat (which is 2 am I think duk borak nak-nak pulak ada sir yang duk borak tak henti kan lol hahaha), so lepas mandi semua tu on the way nak tidur, kami just duk review drama korea je hahahahaha. Bukannya tengok lol. Yela dah pagi buta kann.

Sofa kat ruang tamu. Kecik je tapi boleh la kan. Oh and nampak tak tilam kat belakang sofa tu? Yes, itu memang disediakan sebab ada satu bilik je and satu katil je so itu additional tilam sebab capacity rumah 4 orang kan. So don't worry ada tilam tapi single punya la hehe.

Ini kat area ruang tamu jugak so kira kitchen + ruang tamu, gitu? Rumah pun kecik aje tak besar mana tapi memang nice la. Yela, pakej lengkap habis! Siap ada mesin basuh, peti ais, dapur, macam-macam! Very nice ah πŸ‘

Haa ni la bilik dia, beserta katil satu. Bilik pun memang nice! Bilik air dalam bilik and ada satu je so share-share la ye. Bilik dia pun cantik, meja solek pun ada. Almari pun ada. Iron pun ada, cuma takde board aje la hehe.

Okay, bonus! Haa ini ada video aku ambil masa duk situ, so boleh la imagine sikit kot besar mana rumah ni.

Alright. So from my review, this homestay is very nice. Murah pun kira murah jugak la. Tempat pun nice. Oh ya, to summarise it easier, here I listed things that good enough and what they have:

- 1 queen bed and 1 additional single mattress
- Wifi
- TV (lots of movies and dramas to watch!)
- washing machine (sabun bawak sendiri huhu)
- kitchen (utensils and plates also there if I'm not mistaken)
- fridge
- sofa
- iron (no iron board)
- closet

By the way about parking, they will give an access card for parking and also one for keyhouse (also use for lift). So you don't have to worry about parking la. Except! If you guys bring more than one car, you can also park inside but need to pay la. Macam parking ticket kat mall tu kan, haa macam tu la. Pakai touch n go pun boleh kalau tak silap. But, I'm not sure how much it will charge by parking ticket.

One more thing. This homestay is self-check in, so its very easy. Check-in time is 3 pm but the key you can take it a bit earlier (like I did) and then you can just check-in any time you want. The owner will whatsapp all the details and you won't meet the owner, because the key can be pick up from the mailbox. Simple and very easy.

Ah one more one more! This place is veryyyy close to I-City and also a mall (Central mall? I don't remember coz didn't manage to go there that time huhu). If I'm not mistaken, you can just walk by a bridge (??) to go to the mall. Anyway, its close la to be said.

So how? I think its very nice and comfortable if you guys want to stay. Aku tak sempat la explore the whole building since I stayed only for one night and the next day already check out. But still, I'm satisfied enough πŸ‘

Hope this review helps to those who searching for a nice place to stay around Shah Alam. So if you want just google or search it on agoda or other platform. Okay? πŸ˜‰

Til we meet again, thank you for reading! πŸ’–

6 August 2020

Am I Introvert?

Source: nadia_bormotova / iStock / Getty Images

Assalamualaikum semua! Hai hai!

Hari ni tajuknya aku rasa boleh la agak menarik hehe. Hari tu tetiba benda ni muncul kat feed youtube aku so tertengok and datang la idea nak buat tajuk ni. Plus, aku baru je cakap haritu kat entri perkenalan sebelum ni nak post pasal introvert kan, so here it is! Tajuk introvert ni sebenarnya memang dah lama jugak aku nak buat tapi tertangguh, which first takde idea pastu,, em entah la hahahaha. Okay la aku tak nak cakap panjang so kita terus to the topic today, which is about => 10 Signs of Introvert. (credit to this yt link).

(psst prepare yourself coz this entri is kinda long hehe)

So basically from that source, introvert ada 10 signs, yang top I guess. Sebab I believe there's more than that (because I am kinda introvert so yeah). And they also said that, it is rare in the world to have a person with 100% introvert. So like from this signs, kita kira personaliti mana yang kita ada, and count it as percentage. Lebih kurang macam tu la. But sorry if I was mistaken. This kinda like to test our personality. Sebab kadang orang duk kata dia ni introvert padahal tak juga. I ada la baca this saying.

Actually walaupun orang tu kata dia introvert tapi sebenarnya dia juga boleh jadi extrovert. It just that he/she tu lebih dominant kepada introvert and percentage of being extrovert is just low. Well, I think that's true. So topik ni more likely aku nak cakap based on my personality la and my view, where I want to say that, I'm not totally introvert.

So here are the signs of introvert:

1. Tired from too much active time

Are you really an introvert? - Anthony Shaw - Medium
Source: Anthony Shaw

Honestly... sometimes la. But sometimes I don't get tired but I love it instead. So for this point, 50-50 I guess. This point aku tak boleh nak cakap banyak sebab aku tak terasa relate sangat dengan diri aku huhu.

2. Enjoy time alone

What Is an Introvert? Personality, Characteristics, Type, and More
Source: Healthline

Hmm, this too.. shall pass. Hahahaha tak macam introvert aku kan? Sabar sabar, baru dua tak habis lagi. Tapi yang ini, kadang tu boleh la aku prefer alone but I don't like to be alone sangat, sebab nanti rasa lonely. Even if duduk rumah, for me better ada orang kat rumah though aku duduk kat bilik je ke camtu. Tak bosan ke weh spend time sorang sorang?? Tapi tu la, ada orang suka kann so biar laa.. Masing-masing punya character.

Oh tapi kadang aku suka jugak spend time sorang2, macam pergi mall sorang boleh aje. Sebab kan, aku ni jenis suka jalannnnn aje ikut suka so aku takut la kalau pergi dengan kawan ke or sesiapa la kan, nanti dia uncomfortable aku duk jalan sana sini. Bosan ke apa ke kann. And aku ni kalau nak time alone biasanya bila aku marah or depressed or sad, something like that la. So, point ni pun 50-50 la hehe.

3. Constant inner monologue

6 Illustrations That Show What It's Like in an Introvert's Head
Source: Liz Fosslien and Mollie West


Serius, aku memang banyak bermonolog sendiri. Kadang kat otak aku ni berjuta cerita ada. Kadang cakap dengan diri sendiri, kadang bila tengok orang lain pun boleh monolog, kadang aku tengah menulis  ke cari apa-apa ke kat internet pun aku boleh duk monolog sendiri sambil-sambil tu hahahaha amazing kan πŸ˜‚

Aku rasa duduk tak buat apa pun boleh tiba-tiba bermonolog sendiri. Introvert yang ada personaliti ni dia macam ada dunia sendiri tau dalam minda dia ni. Itu yang dia boleh duk bermonolog. Yang ada personaliti ni je tahu rasanya, boleh relate hehe.

Oh and one more thing. As in picture, that guy said that the girl is so quiet. You know, introvert ni tend to think lebihhh masa, fikir macam-macam sebelum nak cakap. "kalau aku cakap macam ni takpe ke?", "okay ke ke kalau aku tanya macam tu?", dia nampak friendly, tegur ke tak tegur ke tak..". Macam-macam la. Lepas tu kesudahannya tak cakap apa-apa πŸ˜‚ Itu yang terjadinya pendiam hahaha padahal duk overthinking kat otak tu. Kira introvert ni nak cakap akan fikir dulu la. Thoughtful pun boleh dikatakan macam tu la hehe. But sometimes tak jugak kan hahaha.

Same like me, tapi kalau orang yang close dengan aku or someone yang aku comfortable kadang aku pun main sembur hahahaha. But still, for this point, 100% relate! :p

4. You write

Free Cartoon Person Writing, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on  Clipart Library

Alright, this point pun aku agree! Dari dulu aku suka juga la bab writing ni (tapi karangan time sekolah tak termasuk la please πŸ˜‚). Aku enjoy writing benda yang aku suka or yang aku rasa aku nak luahkan. And to be honest, aku dulu adalah seorang diari girl hehe. Since sekolah rendah sampai menengah aku tulis diari. Masuk asasi mula la malas hahahaha.

Haa tapi one of the important point here! Writing is kinda the reason of how this blog was established 😊 Dulu aku suka writing cuma sekarang kadang makin malas kan hahaha plus sebab kadang takde idea nak writing huhu. Writing is kinda like the way aku luahkan perasaan. At times bila aku rasa macam marah dengan diri sendiri, I would write something on my phone/laptop. My feeling that time.

So, yang ni aku boleh relate about 80-90% la kott.

5. Observer

Okay! Yang ini pun memang aku laaa. Aku tak tahu kenapa tapi aku suka observe orang. Sorry to anyone yang kena observe dengan aku huhu. I have this kind of habits. Contoh la kan, sometimes bila aku duk berdiri dalam train ke apa kan, aku suka tengok orang. Pastu mula la aku bermonolog dalam hati hahaha. Aku ni agak observant dengan orang. Kadang aku duk berdiri tunggu bas ke, tunggu train ke, aku tengok someone, tengok cara dressing dia, make up, personaliti dia. But of course everytime aku tengok, I'm trying not to be prejudice 😊 Sangka baik la gituu. Pastu kadang dengan benda ke bangunan pun aku suka duk observe hahahaha. Duk tengok iklan ke apa ke, kan.. Oh tapi kan, I don't know why but sometimes aku suka duk tengok, baca notis kat board πŸ˜‚ Yelaa takde buat apa duk baca notis la hahaha.

Observer? Yes!

6. Feel alone in a crowd

Source: introvertdoodles

This too! I can relate this very well. You know, aku kadang suka benda social event ni tapi masalahnya! Aku ni kalau event yang stranger aku tak reti bergaul. Pastu haa duduk la kau sorang-sorang. Tapi tu la, kadang kalau pergi kawan yang kau kenal but not really close, sama je. Why?

Sebab pendiam. Aku ni memang pendiam, so kadang aku tak tahu nak borak apa. Nak borak pasal ni ke, pasal tu ke, duk fikir sampai apa pun tak terucap. Nak approach stranger tak tahu, malu pun ye. Yela tegur tegur pastu?? Hai hai bye bye. Hmmm....

So yeah, I always feel alone in crowd. Bayangkan la orang lain duk borak, engkau taktahu nak cakap apa duk diam jee. Awkward sorang sorang. Kadang tu orang ajak borak, okay je. Pastu datang join nak borak pasal apa eh? hahaha aku takde topik. Unless like we have same interest. For example, interest aku on kpop and so jumpa this new friend aku kenal kat Twitter. Maybe jumpa tu boleh la berkenalan and fangirl hehehe.

But still, sometimes bagi aku, kena ada orang approach aku dulu sebab aku tak retiii 😭 Oh ya pastu maybe sebab age gap plus contoh dia dah bekerja and aku still study like what to relate?? Aku rasa macam ada barrier gitu :'))

Well, tak semua orang faham kan. Anyway here I just include another cartoon. hehehe

The Journey From Extrovert to Introvert | by James Harvey | The  Coffeelicious | Medium

But anyway, this one also agreed!

7. Dislike small talk

I'm not sure what means by small talk. Tapi kalau ikut youtube tu, macam simple greeting, or benda surface gitu. Bukan deep conversation. Well, kalau aku... Tak kisah kot asal benda yang aku minat ke or personal ke friends to friends. Jangan benda business ke apa sudah la itu memang aku tak minat ah cerita dia πŸ˜‚

To me, guess I'm fine with anything. Tapi tu la kadangnya aku more like listening than talking huhu. tengok mood la.

8. Avoid social events

Hmm, avoiding maybe tak sangat la.. Aku takde la kata nak avoid, aku suka juga la pergi sebab aku teringin nak make friends. TAPI TULA! Macam aku cakap, aku tak reti sobsob. Nanti aku pergi duk hujung penjuru jugak sorang sorang. Aku ni jenis NAK PERGI social events, tapi TAKUT nak socialize + IDK how to approach people.

So macam on verge nak tak nak la gitu. 50-50 la kan kalau macam ni :p

9. Others think you are shy/lonely

I think so... Shy, YES I AM. Lonely, HALF-HALF. Hahahaha lonely ni aku tak tahu macam mana nak describe. Pemalu yes aku mengaku. But at times aku lagi berani dari orang lain, in terms yang lain la hahaha. I mean like, not the talking one, more like on action maybe?? Hm entah la hihi.

Tapi mungkin ada betulnya. Because I am a shy person, quiet, people don't really approach me. Some even scared or intimidate maybe... That's kinda a fact, because one of my friend (guy) told me that he was kinda scared to approach/talk to me at first, before we become a friend that can talk lol. Btw, he's my practical mate so we got to talk.

Anyway, I'm not a scary person okay. If we got that 'click', I believe we'll get along well :)

10. Small friend group

11 Comics That Will Help You Decide If You're An Introvert Or Extrovert |  Bored Panda
Em firstly, this pic kinda me but not really me la hahaha.

Well.... boleh la, kott? Aku ni kan, jenis tak berapa contact sangat dengan orang. Sebab aku tak tahu nak cakap apaa envious tau dengan orang lain yang boleh cakap apa jeee ada aje idea nak borakkk share macam-macam 😭 Pelik kan aku ni tapi tu la aku huhuhu. So yeah by that said, aku ni tak ramai kawan rapat. Ada tu memang la, tapi tak la selalu chat ke apa ke. Also friend yang boleh cerita masalah, I'm envious of that :')

Maybe sebab aku ni pun bukan jenis yang senang open up kat orang. Aku bukan jenis orang yang suka buka cerita, why?? Maybe sebab aku OVERTHINKING! Haa satu lagi personaliti introvert. Hehe. But yeah. Sebab aku kadang selalu fikir apa orang akan fikir or cakap pasal aku, boleh ke tak kalau aku cerita. People's judges. I know bila kata macam close friend ke apa ke, you kinda should trust her/him la kan.. (tho sometimes your own friend/close one can't be trusted too) The thing is, dengan friends or family pun sama, dengan stranger lagi la aku duk fikir apa orang akan fikir.

I think, I never open up to anyone. I bottled up most of everything :))

And that's also kinda the reason why aku blogging. Apa yang aku rasa nak cakap aku luahkan aje kat sini. Tapi tu dulu la kan. Oh and to be honest la kan.. As you know, aku ni minat korea kan. So ada laa fan account yang aku buat, and from that, I make some friends. To me, sometimes in that world, aku boleh express semua benda. People may judge me, but idk in that world aku macam lantak kau la. People don't know the real you in real life. Gituu.. Haa cakap pasal ni, aku ada idea dah topik untuk next entri. Eh tiba ek hahahaha.

Fuhh, I think maybe I'm exposing myself too much here. Guys, keep my secret okay hihi :p

Okay guys, that's all from me. Sorry agak panjang meleret huhu. So, from this all aku boleh conclude introvert aku about 60-70% maybe?? So another half tu extrovert, yeah boleh dikatakan begitu laa walaupun nampak tak sebegitu hahaha.

Haa jadi korang dah baca ni, agak-agak introvert personaliti korang berapa percent? Boleh la komen bawah korang punya score tu hihi. Score tu macam fun fun aje la, don't take it serious sebab aku ni bukan pakar. Atau nak share yourself as introvert pun boleh aje πŸ˜„

Alright, thanks for reading. See you guys next time!