23 September 2017


Hi gaiss! Wuhuu! Well, I never write an entry about make up. This is the first one, since I don’t really wear makeup honestly. I mean, just a light make up gituu. Bedak and lip balm la selalunya. Cream foundation ke bb cream ke, tu kadang-kadang la. Kalau rajin and kalau ada event. Cehh. Bukan kemain, kalau ada event haha. Okay so I guess this is my first lipstick (lol) I bought by myself. Before this, my desire to buy it definitely was there but, I don’t know. I just feel like the others were not really got me interested to buy it. But this one, it just make me feel really want to buy it.

So, this is it. SND Lipstick by Siti Nordiana. You guys know right who is Siti Nordiana aka Nana? Yeah, she is a singer. I like her. Well, maybe you can say because I’m a fan of her so I bought it. Erm, okay. That’s maybe one of the reasons. I don’t know how to say it but, my desire to buy this one was quite high. But of course I didn’t bought it 'membuta tuli', I read the info about this lipstick, the benefits and so on. It took me quite long time to think and to buy it. Haha. At the end, beli je la hehe. Saja nak try kan.

The colour of this lipstick also looked so nice. Though there wasn’t so much choices of the colour of the lipstick since it were just got launched this year, but still the colour that they offered looks great! And I like it! So far, they has 3 choices of the colour which are Honeylatte, Honeybee, and the new one, Honeyberry. Mine was Honeybee. Because I like more to pink colour or the nature colour of our lips, which is pink. If you girls like pink colour gitu, take the honeybee color like mine. Perfectly nice! I like the color. Oh, and I like its scent. Suka gila! hihi.

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The first two colors they offered on the first it was launched.

Related image
Now, there are 3 colors! HONEYBERRY, HONEYBEE and HONEYLATTE !

Erm, well.. The price is quite standard la kot. RM49 per unit. I guess okay la tu. So here I put up some info about this lipstick that may get you to consider to buy it. Who knows, right? Hehe.

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So this is a little bit of its benefits or why it is the best. ceh.

So far, it suits me very well and I like it very much! I also use it as a blusher and eyeshadow. Save cost! Hehe. Haa, now I would like to recommend this lipstick to you girlss. It was really nice and it makes you look pretty! No doubt!

That’s all from me, the review of SND Lipstick Code Honeybee. If you want to buy, just search it on the internet or social media like twitter or instagram. Its easy peasy! So don’t forget to try it also! Have a great day ahead and thank you for reading! ^^

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12 September 2017


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11 September 2017


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Assalamualaikum and hi there! It has been quite a long time since I didn’t update my blog, right? Sorry. Well, I didn’t know why but I’m just getting lazy to write up on my blog nowadays. So much. Somehow I want to write something up on my blog, but… yeah. It was like, no determination, no spirit. I guess you can say that. Not sure if that was the correct word to use though. But now, I'm trying to make my blog more updated. Maybe at least once a week. Okay la tu kan.. hehe.

So anyway, today I just want to share with you guys a book/novel that was really interesting. A must-read novel. If not, how can this novel became one of the bestseller novel, right? And I guess who knew Dr Beni and read his book, they may find this novel was intriguing and has a very nice story. Let’s begin here!

The title of this book is ‘BREATHE’, written by Dr Beni Rusani, a cardiologist at National Heart Institute, or so called IJN (Institut Jantung Negara). He was pretty famous on social media especially Twitter, I guess. You can say like, he was on the same level like Dr Khairul Hafidz. Well, if you know him too la. No, no. Not same level, I mean. Its like, erm… yeah, in one organization. One scope of field. Something like that. If you know, there is this thing in twitter called MedTweetMy which the members consist of doctors from various fields such as cardiology itself, general med, dermatology, veterinary, neurosurgery and much more. They tweet something that related to health with their knowledge of various specialist, in hope to spread something benefits to the people (ayat macam tunggang langgang hahaha).

Alright. The title would bring you to its content. And so the language. Though it was written by a Malaysian doctor, and definitely can speak Malay, but his Breathe novel was totally in English. Well, maybe you can standby a dictionary beside you when reading this. Just kidding. The words that he used were not that difficult to understand, but maybe a certain words (or maybe it just me? But of course I’m not using dictionary. Hello… Just get through it). Because I’m not someone who really good in English (though I’m writing in English right now. There must be broken grammar somewhere I guess. Don’t mind me huhu). And maybe that’s the reason why I’m writing this entry in English. Haha.

And yeah, hopefully you are fully ready to read it since it more like a… science novel? Kind of. Those who studied in science path you might know those science words. And of course I’m not trying to say that those who did not pursue their study in science path could not understand this, but those who are maybe can understand much better. Like me, somehow I feel like I can relate certain things to my course. Ahh, don’t mind me. It’s like, I’m discouraging you not to read this. In fact, it is the opposite.

Okay, to the points of why I recommend you guys to read this novel. This is not a novel only about breathe, but there’s more to it. Career, love, friendship, health (definitely la kan). Oh, and maybe the life of a doctor. Those who are dreaming to become a doctor, maybe you should read this. Maybe you can get some pictures about it. And maybe, you can get much motivated later. Maybe. Hehe.

Here a simple synopsis from ‘Breathe’ novel. (It’s on the back of this book though)

‘Dr Adam is a cardiologist who knows how to help others. The only thing he can’t fix is himself. When a heart attack threatens his life, Adam is given a chance to look at his past to rediscover the friendship and the love he lost. In his darkest hours, friends and strangers are racing against time to save him. Yet, the key to his survival and future might lie in his past.

All Adam wants is a second chance. And, time is running out.’

The characters itself also make the story feels so alive. Like, kind of a true story. Oh, is it you Dr Beni, in the story as Dr Adam? I feels so. Oh and one of the character that made this novel looks alive is, Mad Doc. One of the famous doctor or character in the novel. Haha. It is his nickname that the doctors or people in the hospital called him. If you want to know why, well I guess you should buy and read it. Hehe.

So I guess you guys get some pictures about what this novel is all about. It is really a good book to read, while having some coffee or hot chocolate maybe. No doubt about it. Pretty nice time to fill out your leisure time J

Reading with a hot chocolate on your hand? Nice catch!

So I guess, that’s all. It just like a little bit intro about this novel. Encouragement, recommendation to read this novel. Since this novel was the bestseller book, you should grab it whenever you passed through a bookstore and see this novel. It sold out quite fast, I think. It was two books left when I bought this novel after a quite long finding. I’m just lucky that I got it this time and able to finish it. Wuhuu ! Feels good. So you should too! Grab ‘Breathe’ one and read it up while having hot chocolate in front of the sunny beach. Hey, just get some nice place to read it okay? Have a great day then !

Don't forget to breathe!

~ 😎 ~

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