23 October 2015

End Of Chapter One In Palam ♥

Alhamdulillah, kali ni dapat update balik blog huhu. Few weeks ni tak sempat nak update coz my busy and also my lappy ni tak works well. And well, before this I'm too busy with the quizzes assignments and also the final exam. Oh yeah ! Akhirnya habis sudah sem 1 aku (walhal dah dua minggu terperap kat rumah ni huhu).. So, End Of Chapter One in Palam. Why I said so? Coz after this, for next sem we'll move to our new home. Lol. Haha. Chapter 2 of UiTM Asasians will be in Dengkil. All of the asasians. Science. Engineering. Tesl. Law. Gempak. Ramai. About 5K less or more rasanya asasians yang akan berada di sana. And we are the first batch of asasians in UiTM Dengkil. InsyaAllah.. So just wanna tell you about that. 

The thought of we, the classmates would be apart in the next sem sometimes appear in the mind. Because in new place, there would be new things needs to be settled, arranged and so on, so of course there might be some changes. The class, maybe. Mentor. Whatever it is, just hope that we would be in the same class. Oh yeah! And also the result. Final exam of sem 1's result. Hoping that we will get good results and all of us could still stay there. Okay, stop okay. Hehe. I don't to talk more about this and after this I'll just share with you guys some of the pictures, maybe last memories in palam. Just a few pictures.

This pic was taken after the last paper, physic. But unfortunately, I'm not there. In the picture :'(  Coz my parents dah sampai to take my things. Huhu

Oh yeahh... This makcik makcik Sanoh and Dayana. Hahaha jangan marah okayy XD Nice pic though huhu. 

This time, half of us sang a lullaby song. Hahahaha.. Takdelaa. Saja nyanyi hiburkan hati sementara menunggu makanan siap dibakar. Lepak lepak sambil ditemani ukelele played by sanoh and the other supporting singers..

Notice something? Yeahh, Naim's there. Huhu. Edited by sanoh. Since dia dah pindah and he was  not here, only could edit his picture into this picture so that the boys cukup la as original number masa first-first masuk dulu. hehe

Taking picture with our beloved mentor, Miss Fiza. Together Sanoh and Azim

Last day.. Finally berjaya jejakkan kaki di INTEC. Huhu.. Well, lepas ni maybe payah dah nak jejak as soon nak pindah dengkil dah. So meet la sekejap my schoolmates classmates kat intec ni. Alhamdulillah, murah rezeki. Makan tak keluar duit, depa yang dok keluar duit belanja aku. Hehe.

Okay. Last but not least, after this I'll try to make this blog for a better. Which means, aku akan cuba untuk sampaikan benda yang baik through this blog. Why tetiba je kan? Haaa, sebenarnya aku terfikir, what is your purpose doing this blog? Apa yang kau boleh buat from this blog? What can you give to the readers? Persoalan yang macam tu, sometimes it crossed in my mind. And sometimes terbaca kat blog, majalah, instagram, twitter and so on, yang kita kena gunakan media sosial yang kita ada ni untuk kebaikan. As if you have a blog, write something that could give benefits to others. InsyaAllah, kalau kita tulis benda-benda yang baik, kita sampaikan perkara yang baik yang boleh memberi manfaat, kebaikan juga pengetahuan kepada orang lain, and ia memberi kesan kepada pembaca untuk melakukan sesuatu kebaikan, InsyaAllah pahala yang dilakukan oleh pembaca itu akan turut diberikan kepada kita. Hmmm, macam belit-belit je ayat. Hehe. 

Yang penting what is actually I'm going to say is that, gunalah segala media sosial yang kita ada. Tulislah, sebarkanlah yang baik itu melalui media sosial. InsyaAllah, ianya akan menjadi suatu dakwah kepada orang ramai. Dakwah itu variasi. 
InsyaAllah, aku akan cuba perbaiki. Andai ada kekurangan, kesilapan, sudilah untuk menegur. 

* * * * *

We must become the change we wish to see ...

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