20 June 2019

Skincare Review: Some By Mi 30 Days Miracle Starter Kit

Salam and good night gais! 😄

Hi, it's been a while since I was here updating my blog. Sumpah berhabuk lagi blog ni hahaha. Sorry, but sis a bit busy this sem with my proposal fyp, assignments and so on. So yeah today, masuk masuk je kita terus pergi review part hahaha.

Alright, for today's topic is gonna be my review on Some By Mi product, which is the 30 Days Miracle Starter Kit. This is a product made from Korea. I think it's been almost 4 weeks I'd been using the product. This review may be good for those who still hesitate to try this product or want to try another product for your skin. Oh but before that, you know why, the BIG REASON for me to try this product? Let me tell you...


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BTOB Yook Sungjae as the muse of this brand product, Some By Mi 😆

As you know/fyi, I'm a fan of sungjae and btob hehe. So yeah, when he endorsing this product surely I was like attracted to this product, because of yook sungjae 😂. But not entirely because of him, its because of the product as well. I think its worthy to try (I read some of the review and review from my friend as well).

Anyway, that's not really the point. I'm writing this because I want to tell you guys my feedback on using this product so far. And before that, let me just show the products first hehe.

30 Days Miracle Starter Kit.
This is all the things that I got. Got all the kits, postcard and cream sample (I think so.. dont remember because I left that blue thing at home hehe.) Oh by the way, I buy this from Shopee. Very fast service 👍

I got yook sungjae's postcard as well! (I thought wouldn't get any but I got it huhu..)

Some words from Some By Mi ^^

Okay now, let me tell you one by one the products included in 30 Days Miracle Starter Kit. Basically there are 4 things included which are:

1. 30 Days Miracle Cleansing Bar (30g)

🌟Main Effect🌟 - Exfoliating - Pore and sebum care - Improving skin tone - Inflammation 🌿AHA, BHA, PHA ingredients mildly removes dead cell and normalize skin turn-over period 🌿The mixture of natural tea tree (10,000ppm) and Houttuynia extract prevent parasitic of Demodex 🌿Organic olive oil and argan oil keep skin moisturized even after the face wash 🌿No artificial additives of 20 kinds including artificial dye and chemical detergent, No allergenic component 🌿EWG green grade proved product used

Roll massage your cheeks.Massage your nose up and down.Roll massage your forehead below the hairline.Carefully massage near your eyes and mouth.
TIP 1. Use the Cleanser Soap instead of body cleanser, It can alleviate your skin troubles. (ex : Back pimples, Foot heel, Hardened skin on arms and legs) 2. Natural soaps can melt easily. Cut the soap into 4 pieces for a longer use. (Store the unused pieces in a cool dry case) 3. If soap mesh is used, it can create firmer, richer foam and can use the soap to the very last piece.


So far I've been using it, it's really good! And I think its really exfoliate and don't give a dry skin. I think my skin tone is even got better. Kalau tak before this quite nampak la belangnya huhu. And the way I'm using it is by cutting it into small pieces so that the unused won't get affected or dirt if I'm using the whole bar. Also sebagai langkah berjimat hahaha!

2. 30 Days Miracle Toner (30ml)

🌟Main Effect🌟 - Exfoliating - Pore and skin waste care - Inflammation - Moisturizing - Whitening / Wrinkle improvement 🌿High-content (10,000ppm)?tea tree water extract improved trouble skin mildly and quickly 🌿AHA/BHA/PHA and papaya extract, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) extract removes skin dead cell and body wastes 🌿PH5.5 subacidity toner prevents trouble and keeps skin healthy 🌿Wrinkle (Adenosine) / Whitening (Niacinamide), double function 🌿No artificial additives of 20 kinds No allergenic component 🌿Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin 🌿Patent ingredient : P-PEFINYL (Sebum controlling component) FRUCTAN (Enhancing moisturizing) ☄️Direction of Non-irritating Toner (How To Use)☄️ After washing face in morning and night, soak cotton pad with toner, gently wipe off your skin and tap for absorption. ✅TIP For facial area with dry flake build-ups, leave the cotton pad soaked with toner on the face and gently wipe off the skin after 1~3 minutes.


I love this toner!! One thing, its exfoliate and really remove the dirt on skin. You can see it on cotton pad after you wipe your skin with it. Its also moisturised as well. And my skin also kurang oily dah sekarang hehe. Mostly users memang suka toner ni. And me too!

3. 30 Days Miracle Serum (10ml)

🌟Main Effect🌟
- Skin soothing - exfoliating - Pore and skin waste care - Moisturizing - Inflammation 🌿High-content tea tree water extract (10,000ppm) helps controlling sebum control and pore care 🌿Contains 14.5% of Asiatic pennywort, effective on soothing and strengthening skin barrier and care trouble marks 🌿AHA BHA PHA ingredients gently exfoliate and remove skin waste, normalize skin turn-over period 🌿2-layer serum of natural essence(moisturizing) and vegetable oil(forming barrier) balances moisture and oil of skin and keeps skin moisturized for long time 🌿ph5.5 subacidity serum prevents trouble and keeps skin healthy 🌿No artificial additives of 20 kinds No allergenic component / EWG green grade proved product used 🌿Hypo-allergic test completed / Patent ingredient: Multi-X Bsasm Plus (Skin protecting ingredient) ☄️How To Use☄️ 1. Before use, press squit to take out the product. 2. Close the cover and shake the product well to mix dividend two layers. 3. Take 3-4 drops and gently massage to spread over face using fingertip.
4. After applying, cover face with palm to help absorption.

TIP 1. Prevents heat aging, anti-aging and so on. For instant cooling efficiency, use after keeping in cold storage. 2. Fatly soak the cotton then cover troubled part of the skin to care intensively. 3. Not only face but also on stimulated body, cover the serum for soothing.


The serum is also nice! I love it! The scent is really nice and the liquid form of serum is good (haha sorry I don't know how to describe the texture of serum). Its easy to use. Its moisturised my skin, soothing, and even make my skin feel nice. Anyway, I love the serum 💖

4. 30 Days Miracle Cream (20g)

🌟Main Effect🌟
- Firming skin barrier - Recovered damaged skin - Soothing - Scar care - Pore and sebum care 🌿Hight-Asiatic-content (700,000ppm) and high-enriched 4 kind cica extract(Asiatic acid, Madecassic acid, Asiaticocaid, Madecassoside) solve the basic acne point protect damaged skin barrier 🌿Inclued teatree leaf extract 10,000ppm / AHA, BHA, PHA ingredients care dead skin and soothing 🌿Wrinkle(Adenosine) / Whitening(Niamacinamide) 🌿No artificial additives of 20 kinds No allergic component 🌿Patent ingredient : Beautiful Herb Story - complex™ ☄️How To Use☄️ Gently apply and absorb cream on your skin using fingertips.

TIP 200% Moisturizing, Soothing, and Cooling >> If stored in a refrigerator, moisturizing and cooling effect gets maximized on heated skin.


Surely the cream is good, make my skin feel moisturised and melembutkan kulit muka. Suka je pegang kulit muka ni hihi. Oh and its not sticky. Absorb elok je kat kulit muka ni 😄


So far I've been used it, it's really good! I think its okay and suits with my skin (well it doesn't cause any breakout so far but it reduce instead). Before this honestly I tell you, my face quite prone to acne. Usually memang ada jela jerawat ni bila bila masa. Haa, especially time nak period lagi la kan. BUT! BUT! Not again! Seriously gais, I'm not lying. Selalu nak dekat period memang jerawat akan naik but in time I'm using this product, its sooooo little jerawat yang naik! And plus, yang naik tu pun jenis kecik2 not anymore yang jenis macam putih tu, pustule I think it was called (?). I was soo grateful that time, dah la nak dekat raya weh luckily no jerawat teruk naik kalau tak, tak menjadi la raya I tahun ni huhu.

And I was like, so grateful and not regret trying this product. But surely la, to get good result, must have PATIENCE and BE CONSISTENT using it. Kalau tak memang la kurang menjadi resultnya tu. I use it day and night tau. And yeah, parut still have but yelaa mana boleh hilang in one day right? So hopefully one day no more scars and acne.

(Oh and sorry I don't post my face here to show the positive result I got, cause still so so. and I'm shy shy la hihi). But I hope my words of review did help much!

Anyway, I don't know if I should recommend you guys to try this product as well because not all skin same, right? Mine may suits with this product but I don't know others. But still, you can try if you want!

Don't blame me if not okay with your skin, kulit kita ni lain lain okay. Every skin may have different effects.


So if you guys want to try/buy this product, can go to their official Instagram @somebymi (if faham korea lol hehe. but they did translate in english sometimes) or also can buy from Shopee, SomeByMi (this link is the official one I think) or even lazada can I think. But I buy from shopee (and actually I'm not buy it from that link hehe, I chose that one shop in Selangor). Oh and I think that some by mi official store shopee does not have starter kit (?). Anyway just find it in shopee and you will find it.

Ah and one more thing. Some By Mi products also has entered the Watsons market few weeks/months ago I think. But I don't know cause I never get to find it so far whenever I go to Watsons lol.

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So let's say goodbye to our old skin and say hi to new pretty skin! Oh, and say hi to sungjae too! Hihi 😉

🌸🌸 Be courage, confident, and let's be pretty! 🌸🌸


  1. Hi. Tq utk review tu. Xpyh cri review lain. Lengkap dh. Hihi.

    1. hehe welcome, hopefully membantu (tho i lambat reply huhu). seems bit exaggerated but apa yg saya rasa lebih kurg gitu la. my skin is okay now, takde cari skincare lain dah ^^


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