21 March 2018

Tips Menabung Hanya RM5 !


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Okay so today just want to share with you guys a little secret of mine. Well, this secret pun I learnt from the other person. Looks interested, so I just make it a try. You should try to. Or, maybe you had done it. Hehe. Well, I know ramai jugak yang buat cara macam ni, or maybe other ways. Yang penting menabung untuk masa depan, itu yang utama.

Alright, here comes to my little secret on how to save or to ‘menabung’ your money 💰💰💰. It started when I saw a post by my senior where he showed a collection of RM5 notes that he’d saved them for some time. It such an encouragement or tips that made me do the same thing. But in my way, of course. I didn’t know his way but I use mine.

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Firstly, if you have any RM5 note in your wallet, handbag, or anywhere, keep it somewhere else. I mean, separate and keep it in a special case or box, something like that. Like me, I save them in 'sampul duit raya' when I was in college, then transferred them to another envelope whenever I was at my home.

Secondly, NEVER USE them though somehow you need them. But yeah, sometimes I broke the rules. Hahaha. But now I’m trying to be more discipline of myself. And, also if can, don’t use that RM5 note when buying though you have them in your wallet. Just use another notes, RM1 ke, RM10 ke, RM50 ke, even RM100 sekalipun. But not RM5. The important thing is, you need to be discipline and honest okay.

Well, if the emergency really really hits you, okay then. Just use it. I remind you, IF REALLY REALLY REALLY EMERGENCY ❗❗. Kalau tak, tak menjadi la savings you alls. Okay, so hasil daripada pengumpulan duit RM5 aku selama ni, haa nak tahu tak berapa? Memang la tak banyak sangat tapi boleh laa untuk tahap beginner macam aku.

Setelah dikira tambah tolak darab bahagi duit aku guna pastu masuk balik semua semua tu, jadi la….. RM400. Alhamdulillah.. But not sure for how long. I guess like, for one semester? Sebab aku pun tak ingat since when aku start kumpul but for sure when I was in my study in second semester. So agak-agak dalam 4 months la kot.

For me, RM400 was quite much kot kann.. And so, now my savings not in my hand right now, not in my special case too, but in Tabung Haji. Yes, savings tu aku simpan dalam Tabung Haji (well, I'm a student not employed yet so yeah). See? If you keep saving and saving and saving, you could keep much more than this. But must follow the rules and be discipline okay?

Oh yeah. Sebolehnya, bagi aku jangan simpan duit tu dalam akaun bank yang korang selalu guna. Since aku ni student and such a girl , so aku kena la jauhkan duit tu dari aku hahaha. Otherwise kalau letak dalam bank yang kita selalu guna (macam aku bank islam la), tendency untuk guna duit tu SANGAT TINGGI beb!💸💸

Okay, that’s all. I hope you gets some benefits here and maybe you can do the same thing like I do. And maybe, it is with the bigger value of ringgit notes. Who knows?

This is just one of my way in saving. Well, every person has their own way in saving. You may also share on how you do your savings in your way. 😉

Alright then, see you in the next entry. Have a nice day! Thank you for reading! 🌸

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