15 October 2020

PENTAGON Comeback: 데이지 (Daisy) 🌼

Hi hi I'm back! I know its been awhile... hahahaha. Okay anyway this time I have special title/topic which is, its PENTAGON COMEBACK! But before that, let me briefly introduce first who is Pentagon (since I think I never mention/talk bout them here beside btob). I'm sorry its about kpop but... whatever its my blog hehe. So, let's go!



Pentagon is a South Korean boy group idol which had debuted in 2016. They were managed under Cube Entertainment, same as BTOB. So they are like brothers. hehe. They consist of 9 people (10 at first) which is Jinho (currently in military service), Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, YeoOne, Yanan, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok. I will tell who is who later. Their fandom is called Universe πŸ’«, and I'm also a part of it! Hehehe.

That's so the briefly one. So recently, on 12 October 2020, they just made a comeback after their last comeback in Feb, Dr Bebe, and their participation in Road To Kingdom (RTK) (kinda like competition aka survival show). 

For this comeback, they came out with a mini album called WE:TH which means WE (Pentagon) wiTH Universe. It comes with 6 tracks and all tracks were participated by the members. This just proved they are self-produced idols 😎 (they sing live okay! no lipsync, please don't say korean singer can't sing, they are just like msian singers too. they have talent & great voice, as well as composing songs!)

Their concept image is so pretty 😭

Oh, its flowery concept actually (which is why it is called Daisy) but you can see that through individual concept image, where everyone is holding different flowers. Wait, I will put it here too.

[Upper left: Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, YeoOne]
[Bottom left: Yanan, Yuto, Kino, Wooseok]

Here! They all holding different kinds of flowers which symbolizes various emotions. Something like that. My bias is Jinho but he isn't here,, so Hongseok is! hehe.

Here's another concept image! πŸ”₯

Okay stop it, I didn't come here to promote their concept image hahaha. I want you guys to know their amazing songs!

Okay before I tell you the songs, here the album cover which was drawn by KINO himself! Pretty, right?!

This is their tracklist! Well, I will tell since maybe you can't see it since the writing a bit small maybe.


1. Daisy 🌼 (Title track)
2. Beautiful Goodbye
3. Nostalgia / That Year That Month That Day
4. You Like
5. Paradise
6. I'm Here (CD only - Jinho solo)

They participated in all songs production, they composed and write lyrics too!

I have listened to all (ok not all since the last track can only listen on cd huhu) and not gonna lie, I love them all! Especially DAISY 🌼 of course! It's such a sad heartbreaking song πŸ’” Some people said it has vibe like 2nd generation kpop like Beast and Bigbang (well, I don't know.. maybe). Anyway, I really love it and it also has catchy phrase the moment you listen to it! The music video is also amazing! And painful... 😭 Oh they also have #Daisy_Challenge on TIKTOK! You guys can join too if you want hehe.

And another b-side track I love the most maybe Nostalgia. Because it has kinda ballad and relax vibe so I like that. And also! For You Like, believe or not, listen to the opening of the song, you wouldn't thought that song was that kind of song! Hahahahaha! It was like, you enter a cozy room but then suddenly someone cough and it turns the whole room into a rock concert 🎸! Hahahaha can you imagine that??

So, if you guys have a little even a little interest to listen to their songs, do check it out! You guys can search for pentagon daisy. To listen, you can click on Spotify here! Itunes also have!


(you can turn on the caption to see the subs of the lyrics)

And I just included this here, some quotes from the mv.

Love burns everything, even myself, and fades away like a smoke when I look back.
Left here with pain and resentment, all I can do is muttering the lie that I hope for your tragedy.

If emotions were light, the pain of tearing each other apart would be a chaos of colors.
But when those colors come together, they shine brighter and brighter until they become a single white ray of light.
Emotions are petals, each with a different shade.


Thank you for reading and hope you give interest on them! (or at least watch the mv heheπŸ˜‰).
Till we meet again! πŸ’–


  1. I haven't really keep up with the new groups (I am more into 2nd gen are eraly 3rd gen kpop) but Pentagon's song are all great !

    1. Hehe yes2 their songs are all great! This Daisy one also ❤️


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