9 November 2020

Drama Review: 18 Again

 Hello hello! I'm here!

Ehehe so I'm back again with a K-Drama review!! Aaaaaa I'm so excited to tell you guys this drama! Okay let's go! πŸ˜†

Title       : 18 Again
Episode : 16 episodes
Genre    : Family-oriented, comedy, romance, high teen (? I mean about high school)
Casts     : Kim Ha Neul, Yoon Sang Hyun, Le Do Hyun, Kim Gang Hyun, Lee Mi Do, Roh Jeong Eui, Ryeo Un, and others

The drama tells about Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha Neul) who was married to Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun / Lee Do Hyun) at very young age and had two 18-years old children, Hong Si A and Hong Si Woo. To raise their children and living as married couple at young age, they forget their ambition/career and focusing on working instead to find money for the family. The marriage conflict rises where Jung Da Jung started to feel of unable to bear with Hong Dae Young anymore. She even hand him the divorce paper. Hong Dae Young was then got fired from his job.

He looks back into his life as a jobless middle-age man, and regrets on his past life. He also wish that he can go back into the time when he was young. And at that moment, his body turns into 18-years old boy of Hong Dae Young but inside is still 37-years old man. Taken that into opportunity, he's going back to his prime young life where he didn't get to pursue his ambition in past. He changed his name into Go Woo Young and started his new life. He also going back to his old school, where his son and daughter was studied at. Through that, he learnt about his children's side that he never know and see when he was their dad.

Starting from that, all the hilarious moment starts! πŸ˜† Because you will watch 18-years old boy act as if he was an adult, even the way he talks! πŸ˜‚ Also the sweet and funny story of him and his children at school! πŸ˜‚ And also throughout the drama, there will be sad part as it was about family relationship, and there will be times when you will cry! 😒

Well I don't know, maybe there will be some of you didn't like the love story between 18-years old boy with 37-years old woman. But still, inside of the body is 37-years old guy actually you know, hahahahaha. You will find it hilarious watching it. But can be sad at times :'))

And honestly, yeah. I watched this and almost every episode got me laugh and then crying and then laugh again and then crying again! Its very family drama, for me. (spoiler! I cry for real at ep 13 😭)

Ah also Lee Do Hyun's acting is super good in this drama! I mean, how he portrays the character of old Hong Dae Young and the young Go Woo Young, so good. πŸ‘


There is Bomin from Golden Child too! If you know la, he's been acting also for several dramas. Then there is Ryeo Un that I have crush for! I just knew him from this huhu. By the way he is Hong Si Woo, Dae Young's son. Aaaaaa he's quite handsome tho hihihi. And Hong Si A too, she's cute TT

This is Hong Si Woo!! 😍

Handsome and cute kannn hehe.

By the moment and day I post this, so actually today and tomorrow is the day of last episode of 18 Again... 😭

Anyway, PLEASE HAVE A WATCH TO THIS DRAMA. FIRST EPISODE ALREADY GOT ME LAUGH, SERIOUSLY. But I don't know how would your taste is, whether you would like this kind of drama or not. So, try jela! Best! Hehehe.

Here watch the teaser of 18 Again!

So how's?? Seems interesting? This is just a little, there's more than this. So please watch! hehe.

Okay, that's all I think. Have a nice day and watch 18 Again! πŸ’–

*psstt, I'm currently watching Start-Up drama (because of Seonho actually hehe). saja bagitahu hihi trending kott sebab 2nd lead syndrome guys! TT so maybe I will do a review of that drama too. hehe let's see if I rajin la xD


  1. Follow jugak drama ni. Bomin finally cinta diterima, selalu dia jadi supporting role mesti kena reject XD

    and tgh tengok startup jugak (start tengok pun sebab trending) surprisingly casts semua best2!

    1. Kannn akhirnya cinta bomin diterima huhu TT

      Oh yess start up! hehe best gak kan cite dia, and yeah casts dia best! :D


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