9 March 2016

Tips Scoring In College

Hey I'm back and today I have something to share with you guys. Well I just had finished the test this week, so hmmm. Just getting my mood back to do work and blogging. Hehe. So yeah as you see and read the title above, I want to share just a few tips for you to get score in college. Nahh, its not like an advice or tips from a 'genius' student but just an ordinary student. Seriously, yeah ordinary. The tips that I would like to share was the things that I'd done it in my life. But yeah, maybe not all the time because to be istiqamah in doing something, its kind of hard. Well, or maybe I was the one who make it hard. Nehh (´ー`)

So the first tips. Simple tips. Whenever you have test, final examination, presentation, or even just a quiz, please. Call your mum and dad, tell them about it. Just call them. Or text them.

"Hye mum, dad. Are you fine? Well I have a quiz tomorrow. Pray for me eh."

Nahh, simple as that. Just ask them to pray for you. Doa to ease you in your affairs, ease you to answer the test or quiz, or whatever it is. As we all know right, that parents'doa are acceptable, or in other word, mustajab. Hehe. Their doas' to you its like, no barrier of their doa. Well, kind of la kan. Sorry and correct me if I'm wrong.

This is the thing that I've been practiced or done it in my life. But yeah, its not that I always do it because sometimes we tend to forget things, right? So normally if I have test or even a quiz in that week, I will let my parents know. And normally I told them at night a day before I have the test or quiz. Alhamdulillah, Allah ease my ways, I could answer it nicely, smoothly and calmly, though not really sure what I was answering. Not finished yet, there's something that's why I want to share this tips.

It happened to me once before(yeah I'm not sure its really once or more hehe), where I have Chemistry and Biology quizzes that day. I forgot to tell my parents because that week I was quite busy doing what, I don't really remember huhu. But I just remembered that in that week there's so much things assignments to do. I guess. Hehe. So the day I had my quizzes, I couldn't answered it well. Its like something stucked in my head and maybe I'm not prepared enough. But I did read the notes and its like when at quiz, nothing in my mind. Yeah maybe the quiz was actually hard but still, hmmm. I just felt that I didn't told my parents might be one of the reasons. 

Oh and I remembered when it happened in sem 1 where I had a test. On the day that I had chemistry paper in the morning, I also forgot to call my parents a day before or in the early morning before exam started, just to remind and asked for blessing (?). And in the exam, seriously I couldn't thinked much and not shame to tell you guys, I failed that paper. Yeah failed. Its true that paper was quite hard and mostly all of us failed that paper but I felt like somehow its connected to  the reason where I didn't called my parents, to tell them. Luckily I noticed my mistakes and for the next paper on that day, I called my parents before the test started at afternoon. And alhamdulillah, I could answered it nicely, calmly. Thanks to Allah. 

It's really my true story. That's why I want to share this with you. Hope we will get some lessons and I hope we, yeah we could tell our parents everytime whenever we have quiz test and so on. Who knows it could be the reasons we can score well in the test. Oh and for those who had lost their mum or dad or both, you still have chances. How? Pray and doa for them. Be a good son / daughter. Doa as much as you can as do good things. May Allah will bless your life and give you the best.

One more tips today is, giving more than accepting. What is the meaning behind this words? What I want to say is to encourage ourselves to alms (sorry not sure if this is the right word ? Hehe ). Or like in other words sedekah as in Arab. So the concept of giving is huge. In my views also in Islam, the more you give, the more you'll gain. For an example, try to nurture ourselves to alms or sedekah to the... donation box (?) Something like that. Means if you can giving /donate your money to the mosque or surau or give it to the needy, believe me. You'll get more than what you give. 

Or maybe we can giving in concept of giving knowledge to our friends. We help to teach them, give and share our knowledge, and at the same time we might get the knowledge back as well. But if you can set your heart not to put on a really high hope to get something after giving, please do so. To get something its like a bonus and if can, we do it with ikhlas (not hoping to get something, maybe like do it with open heart). We help others, Allah will help us. I'm also in the part of trying to apply this concept of giving in my life. With what we give, may Allah bless us with much more graces. Aminnn.

That's all from me today for this entry. I hope these advices or tips which are only two (hehe), will help the readers or people outside there to get some of the blessing in their life. To help scoring in college and also scoring to success till the end of our life, in the world and hereafter. InsyaAllah :)

* * * * *

Gaining by giving. The more we giving, the more we gain.

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