14 December 2016

Mystery Box Giveaway by Dewi

Hai gaiss! Ni haa ada satu giveaway lagii yang menarik hati aku! Wuhuuu... Haa jom siapa nak hadiah ni cepat cepat join tauu. Hadiah misteri lagi 😍

klik banner untuk join


1. Like my page and follow my blog (Uh here's the Like button)

2. I need you to make a new post titled 'Mystery Box Giveaway by Dewi'
3. Dont forget to paste the banner above and link it into this post.
4. Please include in the post why you wanna win the Mystery Box and what would you wish you'll receive inside it?
5. Paste your link in the comment section below.
6. Please do one of these

  •  Like this particular post above (beside the share button)
  • Tag two of your blogger friend (make sure to tell them)

🌟 Due date of this Giveaway is on 15 December 2016, 12pm.

🌟 Winner will be announced on 17 December 2016.


Why you wanna win the Mystery Box and what would you wish you'll receive inside it?

Okay so, why? Of course because I'm sooooo excited to win this Mystery box! If you(yes you the organizer hihi) are much excited, so do I. I rarely win something when I joined contest/ga/event/seangkatan dengannya(cliche kan? ish3). Yeah sometimes I did won but...(psstt, I got other gift rather than got what I wish for from the list. huhu. but Im grateful for that okay hee). Anyway, I like mystery. Very much. It gives you such excitement that sometimes you can't even imagine what inside the box. It will give you much much more excitement when you open the mystery box and found the things that you love! Just imagine, how much decibels I would hear you screaming giggling here and there haha. Plus, if it comes with pretty box. Oh so nice!

What I wish for? Hmm, of course I have a tonssss of wishlist that haven't been achieved yet. kihkih. Well, when people ask me what I want, sometimes I don't know what to reply. What if I ask for Iphone? 😱 Ahahaa of course not, that's not quite polite right hehe. Handbag? Makeup? (I don't really do make up but I like make up gahaha). Oh if make up, shadedough by hanis zalikha is fine for me(maybe not fine for you 'cause its quite expensive, for me la. haha just kidding). I didn't won this lip cream when I joined one of the ga previously. Erm, maybe books could be just fine for me (though I have bought much books and haven't read it yet kahkah). But I like reading. English books, malay the motivational one (not love novel please). Then.. A pretty awesome nice shirt? Okay je! Oh yaa! Shawl pun boleh! hehe. Maybe Naelofar Hijab? Duckscarves? Ohoho demandnyaa 😹 That's why I said, I can't really say what I want. If not, it will be a longggg list and much pretty things yang tak tercapai dek akal haha. Oh one more. Cash! πŸ’° Hahaha okay just kidding.

So dear organizer Dewi, just give me things that would be a 'mystery' to me. What makes you excited, then I will too. cehh.. Insyaallah, I will accept the gift you give (if I won laa hehe) and share my excitement ! Give me the pretty things then that would be enough I guess. I hope. hehe.


Okay, I'm done with my 'mengayat' 'membodek' words for the ga's organizer. Hopefully you'll fall in love with my persuasive words (I know, it doesn't seem like that right. haha). And I don't know why suddenly my language changes. haha. Bila bagi soalan in english so I pun spontaneously jawab la dalam english though grammar tunggang langgang muahaha. By the way, good luck for your ga and all the best to all participants! Hoping that I could win this Mystery Box 🎁 Wuhuuu. (Hmm semua cakap pendek je aku je terlebih panjang huhu. Harap Dewi sudi membaca surat cinta yang panjang ni hihi)

So those yang belum join tu, jom join ramai ramai. Just a few simple steps. Then share this to others also. Okay? Have a nice day everyone! πŸ’–


  1. Oh my God! Manage to read all of it. Lols. Good luck girl! Such a very entertain perspective on your post. :D Thank you for joining. ^^

    1. Ahahaha yeah welcome. And thank youu also for reading my such long long post. Luckily its entertained you hihi 😝

  2. singgah dari segmen sama..:) :)

    goodluck tawww.. <3

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