23 April 2018

Drama Review (Korean): A Poem A Day

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So, untuk entri kali ni sis nak share dengan korang tentang satu drama Korea yang boleh dikatakan masih baru juga la though dah episod 8 pun hehe. Still ongoing lagi cerita ni.

Cerita apa ye?

Ini dia, A POEM A DAY. 📓

A Poem a Day


The story of lives of people who work at the hospital like physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, radiologists, nurses, medical trainees and more. Ye Jae Wook (Lee Joon Hyuk) works as a physical therapist and also teaches in the same field. He begins to work as a team leader at a hospital. Woo Bo Young (Lee Yoo Bi) has been working as a physical therapist for 3 years. She wanted to become a poet, but due to her poor family background she studied to become a physical therapist. Shin Min Ho (Jang Dong Yoon) is a trainee, but he isn’t interested in physical therapy. His grades weren’t good enough for medical school and his parents, who are both doctors, made him study physical therapy

(Source from dramacool)

Medical, poetry, romance, comedy (both romance and comedy are not a major genre in this drama)

There are reasons why I like and recommended this drama to you guys.

1. Because its about medical, one of the BIG reasons why I love this drama. Though it is not major in what I was in, but I think for me, anything about medical I would love to watch it! So, drama ni berkisahkan tentang kehidupan sebagai seorang physical therapist (it is more on this occupation) dan juga medical staff yang lain. As you know, sangat jarang or maybe this is the first one (tak tahu la kan) yang ada cerita tentang medical SELAIN daripada doktor. I mean as the main stuff.

2. The actors and actress, maybe?? Hahaha. Yang ini confirm la! The first actor yang I recognized is Jang Dong Yoon (well, aku tak tahu nama dia pun just cam muka je at first haha). This is because he was in drama School 2017 as the second lead actor. Joon Hyuk, erm boleh laaa haha. Pelakon yang lain yang aku kenal is Defconn. Haa korang yang kenal and minat Defconn tu boleh la try tengok drama ni okay?!

3. Other than only medical, ada juga terselit romance and comedy. Of course I like these kind of genre! Kalau yang kelakar tu, boleh tahan juga la. Romance tu ada juga cuma tak obvious sangat kot. Haha entah la. Just maybe romance or love punya part tu tak memberat sangat I mean. Oh and bab poetry tu, sometimes I was always skipped that part. Hahaha malas nak dengar poem semua tu. Kekadang jee.

4. Maybe dari segi storyline? I think, the storyline and idea are quite good, which is not many publisher/director yang mengetengahkan skop pekerjaan medical yang lain, which is in this story is the physical therapist. It also shows another medical scope which is radiologist (but it is not much though).

5. Related to real life issues. Erm, well not so much but if you watch this drama, you will see there are a little bit issues that commonly happen in medical industry. For example... Hmm korang fikir and carilah sendiri haha. Aku pun tak tahu nak cakap macam mana.


Anyway, I think that's enough kot. As for me, I really love this kind of story as it involved the medical stuffs. Well, maybe because me, myself is involved in medical industry. Erm, yeah.

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Jangan lupa tengok these actor and actress berlakon dalam drama ni tau!

Oh, I know different people have different taste on variety of dramas. So, this is one yang saya suka dan recommend untuk you alls. Kalau suka cerita ala-ala medic gitu boleh la tengok ye!

Yang belajar or bekerja as physical therapist pun boleh la tengok drama ni sebab it is close related with you guys.

Boleh tengok drama A Poem A Day ni dekat DramaCool (I always watch at this site hehe).

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Have a nice day! 😎


  1. Serius lah drama ni rupanya banyak pasal medical!! Hihi. Siqah tengok tajuk ingatkan melodrama, malas nak tengok. Dah tahu pasal medical, mulalah nak tengok jugak ni :D

    1. Haah pasal medical but not doctors la. At first pun ain ingat cerita dia tak best hehe tapi dah tgk best pulak rasa ^^

  2. I'm currently watching this drama too. Suka sebab ada my few favourite actors and I kinda like the humor :D

    1. Kann i love the actors hehe. The humor lagi la i like. Lagi2 bila bo young always fanning her tears away, she looks so cute haha

  3. Kalau pasal perubatan memang menarik je nak tonton.. bolehlah cari nanti..

    1. haa tu la kan, ain memang suka bila cerita medical cuma yg ni bukan pasal doctors yang kat bilik bedah ke apa ke la. but interesting jugak cerita dia ^^


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