29 March 2017

MLT's Study Story: Capillary Puncture

Hai gais ! Haa tengok tajuk macam gempak kan.. Cehh. By the way, entry kali ni aku nak cerita sikit pasal perkembangan study aku ecewahh. I mean, nak share la apa yang aku belajar dalam course aku ni. Manalah tahu kan ada adik adik yang lepas spm ke lepas diploma ke nak ambil course ni. Kalau sesiapa yang tak tahu lagi, aku tengah ambil degree of Medical Laboratory Technology. Haa siapa yang ambil tu mesti tahu betapa 'seronoknyaa' course ni huhu. It's not sarcastic okay. I guess hihi.

Okay so, this is one of the subject yang aku belajar sem ni which is Phlebotomy. Before that, mesti nak tahu kan apa benda phlebotomy ni. So what is phlebotomy? Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood to be use in the diagnosis tests and also other tests. Though I guess this is good and one of the best subject but, to be honest aku ni jenis yang... well you can say aku ni jenis yang tak berapa suka jarum cucuk cucuk ni huhu. Afraid of needles. I guess haha. But, I have to try to push myself to overcome my fear ni. Seram tu seram la jugak, but kena la kan. But, for now okay la kan sebab yang ni just capillary puncture je. Just guna lancet, yang macam korang pernah tengok doktor ke or anyone yang bertauliah tu guna this tool untuk check darah for glucose ke, apa-apa la kan. Macam pen berjarum gituu..

Capillary puncture ni ada dua places yang commonly used untuk ambil darah. First kat finger which is either middle or ring finger. Then second kat heel. Tumit kaki. Selalunya kalau ambil kat tumit ni untuk infants, baby macam tu la. Since they are too small and their fingers pun small, so we take on heels. Besides, takut kalau kat finger nanti kena bone, maybe.. Its not that kat tumi tu takde bone, but... yeah. Takpela nanti cari dan bacalah sendiri eh huhu. Okay la, cakap je lebih. Nah kita bagi gambaran sikit πŸ’‰

So this is di mana we are preparing to do the puncture..

Eh waittt! Meh sini nak bagitahu apa benda yang kita guna nak buat capillary puncture ni. Saja je nak bagitahu. Sebagai ilmu tambahan hehe. So this are the list yang kita selalu guna la untuk capillary puncture:

- gloves (ni penting nih! its a tool of protection from getting any infection especially from the blood we take though its our friends' or families' blood. we regard them as blood-borne pathogen. okay maybe you dont understand it right hahaha okay ignore it)
- labcoat (self protection jugak. and also clothes protection huhu)
- lancet (pen jarum. tengok bawah tu aku dah tolong search untuk korang kalau ada yang tak tahu la hehe)
- capillary tube
- collection vials
- plastic pipette/micropipette (since we were doing blood grouping, so we use this to transfer the blood)
- blood grouping reagents
- cotton wool
- tooth prick
- alcohol swab
- blood grouping board

Hmm itu je kot.. Okay now sambung balik hehe.

Image result for lancet
haaa ni la lancet

We were going to puncture your finger !

Oh man I'm bleeding! haha. Finally, my blood was coming out ! Muahahahaha... Im not shivering but my hand was a bit cold and the blood came out quite a little. So they massaged my finger a little harder(i mean, urut kuat sikit jaa) to push the blood out of my skin. My finger felt cold(i guess because there were aircond?) and the blood want to clot the puncture quickly huhu. So dapat la jugak darah I sikit sikit.

So we golek gelek sikit board tu nak bagi blood and reagent tu mix and to see clearly which one coagulate.

So, guess time! Kalau macam ni, apa agaknya result blood group darah ni ek? Kalau nak tahu, since yang coagulate tu adalah anti-b, so thats means dari segi biology-nya dekat red blood cell kita ada antigen b. And itu pulak bermaksud, darah tersebut adalah darah B. Then kena tahu either positive or negative. So kita guna anti-d, which is rhesus. kat situ resultnya coagulate kan, so its Positive. Jadinya, darah atas tu adalah? Yes, B positive. In other condition, kalau darah A, anti-A yang akan coagulate. Kalau darah AB, both anti A & B akan coagulate. Kalau darah O pulak, tak ada yang coagulate and semua mix well. Gitu dehh kalau nak tahu. Simple kan? And well, yeah. This is the first time I'm trying those things and knew my blood group. Before this aku selalu elak and let other volunteer themselves kalau dalam kelas dulu ada kena ambil darah nak check blood group. Hahaha.

Nice right ?!!

Okay, that's all from us, the future phlebotomist. Muahahaaha. Thank you guys for reading! For more info about capillary puncture or my course, medical lab technology, please have a pleasure to spend your time asking mr google. hihihi. Nak tanya I pun boleh jee. Yang mana mampu I jawab la. By the way, this week dah belajar pasal venipuncture(hat ni ambil darah kat lengan yang sado tuu) tapi we didn't got time to practice that. Practice on dami tauu, patung jee. So itu saja for today. Thank you ! πŸ’–πŸ’–


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