17 August 2016

Sarah Bett's Giveaway !

Hai gaiss. Okay, so kali ini aku nak share la siapa siapa yang terasa nak join giveaway ni. Hari tu jalan jalan pastu terjumpa pulak ga ni. So tengok hadiah macam menarik je cuba jela kann hehe. Dah la minah salleh punya giveaway tapi apa salahnyaa hahaha. Okay, though about a week lebih dah start, but we still have the chance ! This giveaway is open internationally and will end soon on 22th August 2016 ! So don't lose your chance to win ! There's still a few days more !

So what you have to do? Just check this out and follow the simple instructions given. Well, what's the giveaway would she give to you? These might be yours ! Or me ;)

Click on this banner to watch how you can easily join and stand a chance to win !

BACK TO SCHOOL! What's In My Backpack? 2016 + HUGE GIVEAWAY (School Essentials & Supplies!)
These are all of my school supplies and essentials that I have in my backpack for school + a few extras that I thought I would pick up for you as something special! :D I thought I would include a giveaway to help one of you out and I know you guys loved my last giveaway that I held in my previous back to school supplies haul! 

Snapchat & Instagram: @sarahjanebetts


Instagram: @sarahjanebetts
Snapchat: @sarahjanebetts
Twitter: @SarahBettss




Giveaway Info:
- This giveaway is open internationally
- The giveaway is to give back to my subscribers, so if you like, subscribe! 
- Entering on both Twitter AND Instagram counts as two entries!

- Follow my Instagram account @sarahjanebetts
- Repost the giveaway photo using the hashtag #SARAHSBTSGIVEAWAY
Photo Link:

- Follow my Twitter account @sarahbettss
- Retweet the giveaway photo using the hashtag #SARAHSBTSGIVEAWAY
Photo Link:

The giveaway will end on the 22nd of August 2016 and I will contact the winner via Twitter or Instagram DM :D 
If you're under the age of 16, just make sure you have parental permission to enter xo



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Okay, done ! So, what are you waiting for? Click the link right now and join! Good luck then and wish for me also okay ! Kalau tak nak join or rasa 1% je chance nak menang tuuu, hmm takpela. Tengok je video tu. Best apaa ! Tengok okay? BUT kalau tengok video tu nanti better pasang subtitles kat setting tu eh (for the person like me). If you have watched the video, you will understand what I mean. Hehe. Okay then. See you soon ! Have a great day !


  1. Awesome.. Banyaknya hadiah 😍

  2. Good luck! ingt nk join x ckup syrt plak..oho.

  3. Replies
    1. dah, keputusan dah keluar. join eh? saya check kat insta and twitter sarah betts. well, belum ada rezeki. too much competitors kot huhu


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